Deep dive course

Probably the most complete and practical speciality course you can take.


Often, divers after their Open Water Diver certification, want to continue advancing with their training.

The Advanced course is one of the possible option and another is the Deep Diving Specialty Course. We recommend this second option because it is the one that best prepares you for most of types of dives you will do in your life as a diver.


In this course you will learn:

  • Correctly plan dives up to 30 and 40 meters deep.
  • Calculate your air consumption and correctly manage the reserve for you and your partner at all depths.
  • Make full use of the dive computer in regards to no decompression limits, safety stops and repetitive dives.
  • Identify the effects of pressure at different depths and their potential hazards.
  • Understand the difference between decompression and no-decompression dives.


  • Minimum age: 15 years old.
  • Open Water Diver certification.
  • To be up-to-date with Open Water Diver basic diving techniques, especially with buoyancy. If you believe your skills are out-of-date, you can also check our Refresh and buoyancy courses.
  • MEDICAL CERTIFICATE, or a responsible statement from the diver about his health, which will be carried out by completing the following questionnaire. When the answers to the questions in the questionnaire reveal the presence of a pre-existing condition that may affect the diver's safety or it is notorious that their physical condition is not adequate, diving will not be allowed if it is not accredited, passing a medical examination.


  • Online self-study + 2 practical session days with 4 dives by boat in Cabrera in total.

A deposit of 150€ is required to make a reservation. The rest can be paid at the beginning of the course.



Price depends on the number of bookings made at the same time.

1 - 2 persons: 490€ each

3 - 4 persons: 460€ each

5+ persons: 420€ each



You can do a private course just for you or your group, if you wish. The price of those courses is:


1 - 2 persons: 670€ each

3 - 4 persons: 580€ each

5+ persons: 550€ each



  • Educational material
  • Diving gear rental, including diving computer.
  • 4 boat dives in Cabrera National Park (3 for the course and 1 for free).
  • Theoretical session.
  • National park fees.
  • SSI Certification sent straight to your home address.

Book your Deep Dive Course

Course booking

In order to schedule the dates for your diving course, contact us by email ( or by phone (+34 673 334 003).

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