Scuba diving refresher courses in Mallorca and Cabrera Scuba diving refresher courses in Mallorca and Cabrera

Scuba Diving Refresher courses

If you have not been back in the water since you took your last diving course, or if you do not feel safe enough with your diving skills, there is no need for you to retake the diving course. We give you the possibility to refresh all diving techniques with us such as buoyancy, the use of diving gear as well as diving computer.

We do this courses during a half day boat trip to Cabrera National Park (Marine Reserve). Also can be accomplished upon request during our full day boat trip to CABRERA National Park (Marine Reserve).



  • Full day trip instead of half day trip.


  • 1 morning or 1 day (if full day trip option is chosen).


  • CERTIFICATION: any certification Open Water Diver or higher.
  • WHAT TO BRING WITH YOU: swimsuit, towel and sunscreen, diving certification, identification document.
  • MEDICAL CERTIFICATE, or a responsible statement from the diver about his health, which will be carried out by completing the following questionnaire. When the answers to the questions in the questionnaire reveal the presence of a pre-existing condition that may affect the diver's safety or it is notorious that their physical condition is not adequate, diving will not be allowed if it is not accredited, passing a medical examination.


  • In the half day trip: 265€
  • In the full day trip: 325€


  • Exercise training.
  • Two boat dives in the National Park of Cabrera.
  • Full diving gear
  • Diving computer
  • Instructor
  • Boat dive
  • Diving insurance during the whole duration of the course.
  • National park of Cabrera taxes.
  • Fresh water for drink.



If you have no means to get to Colonia de Sant Jordi, we have a free pick-up service in several locations of Mallorca at your disposal. See scheduled times and areas.

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Scuba Refresher Course in the HALF DAY trip to Cabrera

Scuba Refresher Course in the FULL DAY trip to Cabrera

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