Courses and Scuba Diving trips in Mallorca y Cabrera

Try Scuba Diving

  • No previous experience required.
  • Under the supervision of a professional instructor at all times.
  • A fun way to spend the morning or the afternoon.
  • Ideal to enjoy with family.
  • For people age 8 and over.

Diving courses

  • We offer PADI / SSI courses for all levels for people age 10 and over.
  • Dives in the National Park of Cabrera.
  • Scuba Refresher courses.
  • Speciality courses.
  • Professional Career.

Diving in the National Park of Cabrera

  • Only for certified divers.
  • Full day boat trip to Cabrera.
  • Half day boat trip to Cabrera.
  • Diving gear for rental.
  • Refresher courses.

  • Expert diving guides.

Boat tours


  • Sailing and motor boat tours.

  • Visit the virgin coves of the south of Mallorca or the National Park of Cabrera.

  • Snorkel equipment and paddle surf for free.

Guided snorkelling boat trips to Cabrera


  • Half day trips to Cabrera.
  • Guided snorkel tour.
  • Visit the Blue Cave.
  • Wetsuit, mask, tube and fins at no extra cost.

Motor private boats

You can book a private boat for any of our activities, or just for a ride.

We have half day and full day trips.

Yachts and Superyachts private services

Yachts and Superyachts private services for diving and snorkeling excursions to the National Park of Cabrera, with a visit to Cabrera Island and the Blue Cave.

Free pick-up service

We have a free pick-up service between Palma and Colonia de Sant Jordi and the town between them.

Our boats


Job offers



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