Snorkel boat trip to Cabrera National Park

South of Mallorca, right in front of Colonia de Sant Jordi, Archipelago de Cabrera is located. This archipelago is the best possible example of an untouched island ecosystem within the Spanish Mediterranean. Since 1991, the National Marine-Land Park hosts important native species diversity, including colonies of seabirds, endemic species and one of the best preserved sea bottoms of our coastal zone.

Snorkel boat trip to Cabrera National Park

All days of the week


It is a full day boat trip.

Our boat, BURBUJITAS, is a very comfortable boat with many amenities where you can walk in and even lay down on the sunny bow. The transfer to Cabrera lasts around 75 minutes and we go straight to the first snorkeling spot, followed by a 1’5h stop by the island. You can have something to eat in the Cantine, but you can bring your own food or book one of our picknics. See picnics.

We highly recommend visiting the castle to enjoy some awesome views from the top. Afterwards, we go to the second snorkeling spot, stop by the Blue Cave and return to Mallorca.


SNORKELING IT IS NOT A GUIDED ACTIVITY, minors must be accompanied by an adult all the time.



  • Recommended arrival time at the dive shop: 9:00. See dive shop's location.
  • Departure time of the boat: 9:30
  • Arrival time of the boat in Mallorca: 17:30 aprox.


10 people per turn + staff. In case of a higher demand, please check with the dive shop.
Several picknic options are available: See picnics.
Know how to swim.
MINIMUM AGE: There is no minimum age, but minors must be accompanied by an adult all the time.
WHAT TO BRING WITH YOU: swimsuit, towel and sunscreen.

  • Adults: 75€
  • Children up to 12 years: 64€
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